lyrics file for back to the egg, asshole

wild palm city

or: within you, without you

i see five fingers on each hand. i see only as far as my arms can stretch. after that it all gets kinda blurry. i see the air compressor vent where it rises up from the hot ground, but i'm not afraid. i see what's going through it's you, only it's bigger and better and brighter. i got the sofa set up right here. i got a room, a room full of sand. open up your mouth, and buddy, you'll wish that you hadn't. i feel the new day coming on strong. i see cindy and she's talking up a storm. i remember her, and i see who she's bringing. it's you, only it's bigger and thinner and wider. i touch the leaves of the plant next to me. they're thicker than they were the last time i touched them and it curls quickly around my hand there are stars up there even when you can't see them i'll tell you something that really bothers me. how are we supposed to get anything done? with those starts casting shadows that look just like spiders? yeah, it's you, but this time you're coiled up much tighter.

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