lyrics file for cool beans #4

the last day of jimi hendrix's life

on the last of his life, jimi hendrix woke up and made his way down the hall and he adjusted the knobs on the shower till the water came out just the way he liked it it was hot but not too hot it was hot but not too hot on the last afternoon of his life, jimi hendrix went to the kitchen and got himself a glass of water he put four ice cubes into the glass there is nothing like cold water there is nothing

thanks go out to andrew lison for transcribing this...


If you cut a lemon in half You'll have two distinct pieces Each one representing One half of a lemon Yet now, Its not so much of a lemon As it is two distinct pieces Of that lemon Licking the lemon juice off the knife Is dangerous Imagine cutting the corner of your mouth And then lemon juice Ouch But you already know that the knife had little, if anything, to do With creating two distinct pieces Of that lemon Sure, the rind and the pulp Were split by serrated metal (The wooden handle a little loose from when dad did the funny thing with his teeth)

much thanks to mark givens for these lyrics.

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