lyrics file for a munchies kinda xmas

the pieman

spoken: this is like the oldest Mountain Goats song in existence... for days i watched you from my place. a thousand miles away in space. remebering you body, how it it turned me into what i am now. i have not broken any laws to work toward my stupid cause. i can see you now from where i am. i can see you completely. i planted hedges of hydrangia because you were going to pennsylvania. and i didn't know what else to do. i wanted to put my hands on you. i wanted to tell you everything, but i eneded up here orbiting. i can see you now, i can feel you now. from where i am, i can see you completely. i went into your room, it got so crazy in there, the air turned hot. and i saw them, but i didn't read your letters. i will never bleed like i used to bleed again. i can't bleed like normal men. but i can see you, my heart beats like a magic drum. from where i am, i can see you completely. spoken: thanks.

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