lyrics file for palmcorder yajna single

butter teeth

we spilled out through the front door into the blinding late light sun reflected on the storefront windows tremendously bright we were norwegians come down from the north attacking the walls of the fortress I was permenantly at the point of exhaustion you were gorgeous who's here? just us nobody else around stray electrical currents trying to find the ground we haunted the walls of the pharmacy artlessly shoplifting random things pain killers, cough syrup, tiger balm bubble gum, cigarettes, and shower curtain rings we were portuguese warships cresting the waves Cannons raised ready to dock you were counting down the hours and the minutes I was trying to find a way of stopping the clock
Thanks to Alex Glasnovic for transcribing this


weather sailed from northern canada do in before the afternoon is over brown cows in the fields eating their way slowly through the clover and the canopy of apple trees before us symmetrical and pure as a pagoda me and lee chong from chicago in a uhaul headed out through western Minnesota headed for the islands headed for the islands our load is heavy, you can hear it shifting say what you like I'm never gonna stop everyone will eat when we've arrived white apple blossoms soften up the blacktop two days from now we'll get to where we're going the western sky will pitch correct it's whining our cargo's gonna spill out from the cabin and rub it's eyes and see the silver lining yeah yeah headed for the islands headed for the islands
Thanks to Christopher MacMurray for transcribing this

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