beautiful rat sunset

title: beautiful rat sunset

company: shrimper records

cool quote:

  • he could hear the music of the house-curse in the rustling leaves and feel its rhythms underfoot. the light wind blowing was nice and cool and up in the foothills he thought he saw a ring-necked pheasant. it was not a ring-necked pheasant.

  • agamemnon smiled. it had been a long time since he had felt like smiling. there was music trilling in the air, and old voices: faint, uncertain.

  • chilling and familiar. like a wind chime.

  • side 1 has four songs and these are their names:

  • itzcuintli-totzli days
  • new star song
  • song for cleomenes [sarah margaret's addendum]
  • sendero luminoso verdadero
  • side 2 also has four songs, but their names are different:

  • song for mark and joel
  • going to maryland
  • seeing daylight
  • resonant bell world
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