taking the dative

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title: taking the dative

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long-tailed weasel mustela frenata

like the related skunks, mink, and badger, weasels have five toes. but in weasels the fifth toe is small, so that tracks usually just show four toes. all weasels are quick and agile, with long, slim bodies that enable them to enter narrow crevices and burrows in persuit of small mammals, reptiles, and frogs; they also prey on birds. in turn, they are captured by hawks, owls, foxes, and large snakes.

quote 2:

ran away from the nine month ice blast of portland to las vegas, eyes bloodshot, our bodies coming alive with fear. we checked into a ground floor room at the stardust and went to sleep for two days. three years later you got pregnant and the tickets to florida were cheap, cheap. it was either florida or california and that was just out of the question.

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  • chino love song 1979
  • side 2:

  • wrong!
  • going to jamaica
  • alpha gelida

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