full force galesburg

title: full force galesburg

company: emporer jones

key reference: galesburg, illinois

latin: none

cool quote 1:
I am a straightforward man, with no crime on my conscience,
But I was accused of being a spy for Chine.
So life, you see, is never very smooth business,
And now the present bristles with difficulties.
	-Ho Chi Minh, Poems from Prison Diary, Hanoi: Foreign Languages
	Publishing House, 1959.

cool quote 2: Small red potatoes in the rich black soil. Green young trees sucking up the river water. Oranges from Spain. Rain-chute running down the side of the trailer. Islands. Paper mills all the way out in Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania. New banjo from Nashville. calandar from De Smet and Van Diest showing April on the wall, all wrong. Heading North though France for days, but never getting out. Old barn, strange sounds. Gin. Sunlight. Almost broke my own heart down there in Vicksburg. There is always an anchor somewhere. All that was left later was the vision of the two of us crossing the parking lot toward the blazing room off the interstate half an hour past Iowa over on the other side of the Mississippi. These songs are about what made that moment either possible or inevitable, depending on how you look at it.


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