the hound chronicles

title: the hound chronicles

company: shrimper records

latin: none, but there is a nice history of hounds in the world...

side 1:

  • the garden song
  • going to wisconsin
  • spilling toward alpha
  • alpha negative
  • torch song
  • {hebrew word} (see below)*
  • the cow song
  • _____
  • going to chino
  • side 2:

  • standard bitter love song #4
  • going to mexico
  • lab rat blues
  • going to kansas
  • the water song
  • going to spain
  • keep it on your mind**
  • * this word is pronounced 'sheket' (rhymes with heck-it). it means '(be) quiet' thanks to dylan at for this info...

    ** is written by hank williams

    please mail any questions/comments/complaints, or just notes hello