nothing for juice

title: nothing for juice

company: ajax records

latin: nec minoris inpotentiae uoces propalam edebat, ut Titus Ampius scribit: nihil esse rem publicam, appellationem modo sine corpore ac specie. Sullam nescisse litters, qui dictaturam deposuerit. debere homines consideratius iam loqui secum ac pro legibus habere quae dicat. eoque arrogantiae progressus est, ut haruspice tristia et sine corde exta quondam nuntiante, futura diceret laetiroa, cum uellet; nec pro ostento ducendum, si pecudi cor defuisset. --Suetonius, De Vita Caesarum, I: Ixxvii.

cool quote: the value and dignity of everyday words is to be as close as possible to nothing. invisible, not letting anything be seen, always beyond themselves, always on this side of things, a pure awareness crosses them, so discreetly that it itself can sometimes be lacking. everything then is nullity. and yet, understanding does not stop occuring; it even seems that it attains its point of perfection. what could be richer then this extreme destitution? --maurice blanchot, the language of fiction; translated by charlotte mandell.

chords: a few chords


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