zopilote machine

title: zopilote machine

company: ajax records

chords: a few chords


  • sic ait filius iuuenalis
  • at filius inscitus fuit
  • stultior diem ex die creuit
  • di magni, hic puer dolor est magno mihi
  • zopilote machine is a 19-song mater ferricrepina magna ferocia...
  • cool quotes:

  • the wood underneath would win and win till the end of time. of that there was no doubt possible only the pain of hope perennially doomed to disappointment. it was so clear. of course it was in the nature of the wood to rot with age. the polish, it was supposed, would catch the rot. but of course in the end it was the rot which imprisoned everything in its effortless embrace. it did not really have to fight. being was enough in the natural course of things it would always take the newness of the different kinds of polish and the vaunted cleansing power of the chemicals in them, and it would connvert all to glorious filth, awaiting yet more polish again and again and again. and the wood was not alone. --ayi kwei ARMAH. _the beautiful ones are not yet born_, chapter one.

    kid you fell in the milk...


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