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Against Agamemnon

Wherever you see D*, instead of going straight to the next G, walk down
the D string at the end, playing the notes a below. Listen to the recording
for the actual rhythm.


D: xx0232
G: 320033
A: x02220
C: x32010

Intro: (D* G D) x 2

D*      G         D
Red red, red everywhere
D*                       G            D
Bright red all along the thin canvas wall
D*                G                D
I stepped outside, for a little air
D*               G                    D
I stepped outside to get away from it all
D                 A          D              G
I went out to the front, and saw the purple sky
D        A                 D    (D* G D) x2
Making jokes about my condition
D                C
I am going for a walk
G                       D
I'll be back in half an hour
D                      C
Watch over the children
G                           D
I'll be back in half an hour
D               A
Hey hey la la la
D               G D A D
Hey hey la la la

Outro: (D* G D) x3 D A D
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