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 +all frosting
 +-tabbed by mike/​howardfinkel
 +D Bm D Bm D Bm G A
 +D                              F#m
 +let's meet out in san bernadino
 +Em                             G
 +let's get a case of polish vodka
 +            D               A
 +let's bring out the big guns
 +G                A
 +the modified israeli ones
 +     ​D ​                    F#m
 +let's go back to where we let it all go
 +Em                         G
 +let's quit scavenging for bones down in the snow
 +       ​D ​                       A
 +let's follow the freeway from here
 +             D
 +let's disappear
 +let's get our stuff back from the pawnshop
 +let's put a bedroom in the attic
 +let's stay up real late and see if we don't suffocate
 +let's practice our smiles 'til we're both freezing cold
 +let's dig up the graveyard 'til we find ourselves some gold
 +I will tell you when the coast has come clear
 +let's disappear
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