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 +The few times this song has been recorded, John's guitar is usually out of tune, and Franklin'​s part is 
 +different each time. So this is mostly guesswork, and sounds pretty close. ¯\_(ツ)_/​¯
 +D:     ​x00232
 +Dsus2: x00230
 +A:     ​x02220
 +D Dsus2 A
 +D Dsus2 D
 +                        D Dsus2 A
 +I've grown rather tired
 +                   D Dsus2 D
 +Of our little game
 +                       D Dsus2 A
 +You ask me the question
 +                     D Dsus2 D 
 +My answer'​s the same
 +                   D Dsus2 A       
 +And I couldn'​t say
 +                    D Dsus2 D
 +the day or the year
 +               ​Dsus2 ​                A
 +But it must be summer, 'cause there'​s flies in here
 +(Cant make out the chorus chords, play around with it)
 +I need water
 +I need water
 +Ants on the window ledge caught my attention
 +And I wanted to say so, but I was to tired to mention it
 +And we crawled in bed and melted together
 +Cursing each other
 +Cursing the weather
 +And I need water
 +I need water
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