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-<​code>​+=====Alpha Chum Gatherer=====
-==== Alpha Chum Gatherer ====+<​code>​
 tabbed by Rosa tabbed by Rosa
 This is based on the live performance here: https://​​RjFViSsW-ko This is based on the live performance here: https://​​RjFViSsW-ko
-Open Asus2 Tuning: +Open E5sus4 ​Tuning: 
-E A E B e+E A E B e
-E5          ​020200+E5          ​020000
 Asus2add6 (2)02200 or (2)02000 Asus2add6 (2)02200 or (2)02000
 Asus2       ​x00000 Asus2       ​x00000
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