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-===== Alpha Incipiens =====+===== Alpha Incipiens ​#1 =====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +I emailed John for this song and he said it was "a romp with A and E, but it is a little out of tune on ZM".
 On the quick changes from E to A to E again you only need to strum the A a couple times rapidly On the quick changes from E to A to E again you only need to strum the A a couple times rapidly
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                 E  ​                 E  ​
 and i'm holding on, and i'm holding on,
- + 
 +===== Alpha Incipiens #2 ===== 
 +This sounds a little more correct to me. I can't decide if he plays the C/F at the 3rd/1st or the 8th/8th frets. 
 +C F C F 
 +C                                     F 
 + the morning comes to a stuttering halt 
 + the cool breeze that blows is somebody'​s fault 
 +    F 
 +the summer heat tries to burn through, 
 +    C                             ​Dsus2 ​                 Bb  (D#) 
 +and i look over to warn you but something'​s happening 
 +C F C F 
 +C                                F 
 + the morning glories climb the wall 
 +   C 
 +and you speak in a slow drawl 
 +         F 
 +i'm trying to piece together what you're saying 
 +        C 
 +but the birds are screeching, the hounds are baying 
 +  Dsus2                Bb                 C 
 +i don't remember there being any hounds around here 
 +F C F 
 +C                                      F 
 +we lean back and we clink our glasses, raise the 
 +drinks to our thirsty mouths, thick as molasses, 
 +ice cold vodka eases in, as the 
 +low pressure system brings the breezes in, 
 +and they sashay and pirouette above you 
 +      Bb 
 +the only thing i know is that i love you, 
 +                C      F C 
 +and i'm holding on, 
 +C F C F C F C F C
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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