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 +===== Alpha Omega (album version) =====
 +The version on here originally was how John plays this song live, however the recorded version is played in a different key. 
 +This is my best approximation of how it's played:
 +John hammers on and off the B string on the A chord, and then between a D and DMaj7
 +Try to keep the high e string muted except when playing the E chord. ​
 +A             D
 +on the morning you went away
 +the air was humid and the sky was gray
 +A                        E                     A
 +i had boiled peanuts for breakfast from cairo, georgia
 +A                D
 +the air was wet, my face was wetter
 +A                                         E
 +the pink flowers along the western window made me feel better
 +A                           D
 +i turned the air conditioner on
 +found the note on scented stationary - you were long gone
 +i had boiled peanuts for breakfast from cairo, georgia
 +i popped the top off of the aluminum can
 +let the brine slide down my fingers, man
 +it was warm, it was warm on my skin
 +but i felt the cold blast looming on in
 +i had boiled peanuts for breakfast from cairo, georgia
 ===== Alpha Omega ===== ===== Alpha Omega =====
 Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic ( Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
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