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Amy aka Spent Gladiator

Capo on 1. Everything is relative to the capo.

A    :-02220
F#m  :244222
D    :--0232
E    :022100
A/G# :402220
D/F# :200232
Dm   :--0231



   A		  A			   F#m   F#m
Do every stupid thing that makes you feel alive 
   D		  A		D		   E
Do every stupid thing to try to drive the dark away 
    A		    A		    F#m			 F#m
Let people call you crazy for the choices that you make 
      D		       A
Find limits past the limits 
	D		    E
Jump in front of trains all day 

	   D    D
And stay alive 
	    A    A
Just stay alive

A A/G# D/F#

A	     A		   F#m		     F#m
  Play with matches if you think you need to play with matches
     D		      A		      D				E
Seek out the hidden places where the fire burns hot and bright 
     A			 A	       F#m		F#m
Find where the heat's unbearable and stay there if you have to 
D	      A		   D		 E
Don't hurt anybody on your way up to the light 

	  D	D
And stay alive 
	   F#m   F#m
Just stay alive 

A A/G# D/F# A

Dm		 Dm		 A     A
   People might laugh at your tattoos 
Dm		   Dsus2	 Asus4		 Esus4		(just a guess, on this line)
When they do, get new ones in completely garish hues 

  A		   A	    F#m		   F#m
I hide down in my corner because I like my corner 
D	 A	  D	       E
  I am happy where the vermin play 
A	       A		     F#m	     F#m
Make up magic spells, we wear them like protective shells 
Dm		 A
Landmines on the battlefield 
D		   E
Find the one safe way 

	   D	D
And stay alive 
	   F#m	 F#m
Just stay alive 
	   A A/G# D/F# A
Just stay aliiiiiiiiiiive


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