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 +G                                       ​C\\ ​         ​
 +Maybe I didn't get enough milk when I was a baby\\
 +G                                       C\\
 +Maybe I never learned the value of a penny\\
 +G                                                                              C\\
 +Maybe I listened to that first Black Sabbath album, the one with the witch on the front\\
 +G            D\\
 +One time too many\\
 +G               ​A#/​Gm7 (Play Gm7 barre chord with pinky on 6)\\
 +But I think something wrong with me\\
 +G                         ​A#/​Gm7\\
 +I think something'​s wrong with me\\
 +G                                  D\\
 +I think something'​s glued down wrong permanently.\\
 +Maybe it's the things I never learned how to do\\
 +Maybe it's the things I learned to do real well\\
 +Maybe it's the Irish whiskey that I like to drink \\
 +Maybe it's the California zinfandel\\
 +But I think something'​s wrong with me\\
 +I think something'​s glued down wrong, maybe permanently.\\
 +I'm gonna tell you once, you gotta listen\\
 +You came here for comfort, you came to the wrong place\\
 +I got a strong stomach and a murmur in my heart,\\
 +I got a tremor in my hand, muscle twitches in my face\\
 +And I think something'​s wrong with me\\
 +I think something'​s snapped on wrong, maybe permanently\\
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