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 +tabbed by psnotsure on ultimate guitar
 +G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7
 +G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7
 +[Verse 1]
 +G              Cmaj7
 +Just imagine a time and place
 +G                 Cmaj7
 +Sentient objects adrift in space
 +Dadd11           Cmaj7
 +Trying to do the needful math
 +Dadd11             Cmaj7
 +Trying to find the secret path
 +G                       Cmaj7
 +Seas gone silent in the spiral shell
 +            Cmaj7
 +When you fell
 +[Verse 2]
 +G                  Cmaj7
 +Blazing torches to light the way
 +G                           Cmaj7
 +All fuel burned right up in just one day
 +Dadd11         Cmaj7
 +Will there be another way?
 +Dadd11            Cmaj7
 +That won't be for you to say
 +G                         Cmaj7
 +You who took with you the ancient spell
 +           Cmaj7
 +When you fell
 +Am7                        Bm7
 +Hurt too hard too long and die too young
 +Silver dollar glistening on your tongue
 +[Verse 3]
 +G                Cmaj7
 +May your passage be assured
 +G                               Cmaj7
 +There may your foul afflictions all be cured
 +Dadd11                  Cmaj7
 +Systems closing down on several fronts
 +Dadd11               Cmaj7
 +You will always have been here once
 +G                    Cmaj7
 +Cap the west's final wildcat well
 +             Cmaj7
 +When you fell
 +             Cmaj7
 +When you fell
 +             Cmaj7
 +When you fell
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