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Brave (Chris Knox Cover)

Brave (Chris Knox)

--tabbed by Mike Woj


Bm                        A
color me red, color me coal
            E                      F#
wrap me in black or a snide acid green
Bm                             A
tell me i'm bad, tell me i'm sick
                E                        F#
scream out your hate, be obsessed and obscene

Bm                              A
bind me with love, tie me with wire
E                                      F#
wrap me in gauze and then watch as i bleed

Bm                             A
poison your kiss, kill my desire
           E                        F#
deliver me pain and ignore all my needs

G                              F#
i will not change, i will not alter

staple my eyes, thrill to my shins
gag me with lead and tear out all my nails
razor my tongue, sew up my mouth
feed me disease til my functioning fails

G                              F#
i will not change, i will not alter
          A               E
for i am man and i am strong

do all this to me, i just don't care
blood is my wine and fear is my friend
but please do not say i am not hard
don't say i can yield, don't say i can bend

i will not change, i will not alter
for i am man, i am strong
i cannot sway, i cannot falter
i must be man, i can't be wrong

it's your fuckin' fault, you and your doubts
made me like this, colored me man
color me man

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