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-G                E7 +It's not perfectand I totally lifted this tab off the forums (All credit ​to Nacashtyle and dtrom4but mostly to John) \\
-Designed for one another, +
-C                 A7  +
-we lie tied to our slabs. +
-G                                    +
-While the same electricity that gave us life, +
-crackles through the lab,+
-And I am too dumb  +Chords used: \\ 
-to tell you how I feel. +Em#5:  X X 2 0 1 X \\ 
-Who will know who will tell anyone, +Bm6:  X 2 0 1 X X \\ 
-that what we had was real?+Dsus4: X X 0 2 3 3 \\
-We belong dead, we belong dead. 
-So I try and try to focus+\\ 
-to say what want to say+\\ 
-But it's such hard work+\\ 
-and we don't have all day.+G                Bm6 \\ 
 +Designed for one another,\\ 
 +C                 Em#5 \\ 
 +we lie tied to our slabs.\\ 
 +G                   ​Bm6 ​ \\               
 +While the same electricity that gave us life,\\ 
 +C                   Em#5 \\ 
 +crackles through the lab,\\ 
 +G  Bm6 \\ 
 +And am too dumb \\ 
 +C  Em#5 \\ 
 +to tell you how I feel\\ 
 +G  Bm6 \\ 
 +Who will know who will tell anyone,\\ 
 +C  Em#5 \\ 
 +that what we had was real? \\  
 +G  Dsus4 C   ​Em#​5 ​ \\ 
 +We belong dead. \\ 
 +G  Dsus4 C   Em#5 \\ 
 +We belong dead\\
-Our efforts won't add up  +So I try and try to focus, \\ 
-to any great amount +to say what I want to say. \\ 
-Get one chance ​to make your gesture down here+But it's such hard work\\ 
-I wanna make mine count.+and we don't have all day\\
-We belong dead. We belong dead. +Our efforts won't add up \\ 
-We belong dead. We belong dead.+to any great amount \\ 
 +Get one chance to make your gesture down here, \\ 
 +I wanna make mine count\\
 +We belong dead. \\
 +We belong dead. \\
 +We belong dead. \\
 +We belong dead. \\
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