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It's not perfect, and I totally lifted this tab off the forums (All credit to Nacashtyle and dtrom4, but mostly to John)

Chords used:
Em#5: X X 2 0 1 X
Bm6: X 2 0 1 X X
Dsus4: 3 3 2 0 X X

G E7
Designed for one another,
C Em#5
we lie tied to our slabs.
G E7 While the same electricity that gave us life,
C Em#5 crackles through the lab,

G E7 And I am too dumb
C Em#5
to tell you how I feel.
G E7
Who will know who will tell anyone,
C Em#5
that what we had was real?

G Dsus4
We belong dead.
C Em#5
We belong dead.

So I try and try to focus, to say what I want to say. But it's such hard work, and we don't have all day.

Our efforts won't add up to any great amount Get one chance to make your gesture down here, I wanna make mine count.

We belong dead. We belong dead. We belong dead. We belong dead.

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