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Bring Our Curses Home

Note: I'm far from skilled enough to actually tab this out, but it's been empty so long I thought I'd attempt to put some chords to it (something is better than nothing?). 
Please fix as you feel fit (especially the intro) since this was done fairly carelessly. -ETX

C/Cmaj7:  x32010 or  x32000
Asus2/Am: x02200 and x02210, kind of switch back and forth each time
F:        133000 or  133xxx
G:        320033
Em:       022000

  C/Cmaj7          Asus2/Am              F    C    G

C/Cmaj7                              Asus2/Am
Stray shards of vinyl siding hit the windshield coming down
F                                  C/Cmaj7             G
On a gridlocked freeway headed for Houston out of town
C/Cmaj7                        Asus2/Am
We were sad to see it sinking, up on the Jumbo-Tron
F                           C/Cmaj7          G
Balconies and higher places gone, gone, gone

Asus2/A             C/Cmaj7    F              C/Cmaj7
Young Romans at the city wall, scavenging for scraps
Asus2/         C/Cmaj7  Bb             F
Riding out the amnesia, filling in the gaps
F               C/Cmaj7        Em                  F
Grab hold of my hammer, try to bring down the Superdome
              C/Cmaj7    G               Asus2/Am
On that rainy day when I bring my curses home

Water floods the pharmacy, people sliding down the aisle
Emerging into the moonlit night, all smiles, all smiles
Wished I was down there with them, reaching for that third rail
Saw them on the TV though, as they herded them down to jail

That night someone brought some shoes in, from Los Angeles or Portland I forget
Mad scramble for the boxes, everything got wet
Wingless, broken insects, trapped in honeycomb
On that wasteful day when I bring my curses home
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