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 +Tab courtesy of Ovcharka and lincolnic of the forums.
 +Standard tuning. Capo on 1. Everything is relative to the capo.
 +B5(add 11):-24400
 +D/A       :​-00232
 +F7/C      :-33545
 +E7/B      :-22434
 +Asus2     :​-02200
 +E7(no 3)  :07-700
 +E6(no 3)  :07-600
 +G7/D      :-55767
 +F#​7/​C# ​   :-44656
 +B5(add 11)  D/A  F7/C  E7/B  (x2)
 +B5(add 11) D/A
 +the wax paper that i taped over the windows
 +F7/​C  ​ E7/B
 +melted as quick as chocolate in the heat
 +B5(add 11)  ​ D/A
 +and it'll probably never come off now
 +    F7/​C  ​  E7/B
 +the windows look like frosted glass if you see them from the street
 + B5(add 11) D/A
 +and the dim light that filters through
 +F7/C      E7/B
 +casts a new light on you
 +B5(add 11)  ​     D/A
 +it makes me get all misty because i remember something ​
 +F7/​C  ​   E7/B
 +and then i see your shadow
 +    Asus2 B5(add 11)    E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +and i, i wanna follow you all the way down this time
 +Asus2  ​ B5(add 11)  ​  E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +i want to see what it is you're going down for
 +Asus2 B5(add 11) E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +i, i want you more than i want anything
 +Asus2  B5(add 11) E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +i want you the way you were
 +B5(add 11)       D/A      F7/C        E7/B
 +you were lying in the moonlight outside in the grass
 +B5(add 11) D/A
 +when i heard an animal voice somewhere in the dark
 +F7/C     E7/B
 +and i saw a wing shadow pass
 +B5(add 11) D/​A ​  ​F7/​C  ​     E7/B
 +and just then the gleam in your eye made my blood freeze
 +B5(add 11)      D/A
 +there was something up above us
 +F7/​C E7/​B
 +rustling in the branches of the trees
 +    Asus2 B5(add 11)    E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +and i,​ i pressed up against you again
 +Asus2  ​    ​B5(add 11) E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +i could hear your heartbeat steady,​ and hard, and pure
 +Asus2  ​      ​B5(add 11)     E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +i used to love you so much that i was sure it would kill me
 +Asus2  ​  ​B5(add 11)    E7(no 3)  E6(no 3)  (x6)
 +and i want you the way you were
 +B5(add 11)  D/A  F7/C  E7/B  (x3)
 +B5(add 11)  D/A  G7/D  F#​7/​C# ​ E7/B
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