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Choked Out


Diamonds in the firmament 
All reserves completely spent 
Someone set up the oxygen tent
Everybody here's real proud to present
Choked out

Two hundred dollar take-all purse
Half-nelson to suplex reverse
Worried look on the face of the ringside nurse
At one, for once, with the universe
Choked out
F#m         D           A
Choked out, choked out, choked out

I stretch and strain with all my might
Drift off into the velvety arms of the night
Kick and claw and scratch and bite
Fire up the grill, everybody eats tonight
Choked out

F#m       A 
No brakes down
   D              A
An endless dark incline
F#m         A
Most of the boys
      D               A
Won't ever cross this line
F#m     A                  D                  A
If they all wanna die dead broke that's fine, that's fine
F#m                   A     
Everybody's got their limits
D              E
Nobody's found mine

Crowd screaming like hounds at the heat of the chase
All the colors of the rainbow flood my face
I lift right off into space
I can see the future, it's a real dark place
Choked out, choked out, choked out
Choked out, choked out, choked out
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