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Line 1: Line 1:
-==== Cobra Tattoo ==== +=====Cobra Tattoo=====
-tabbed by mike/howardfinkel483 +
 <code> <code>
 +tabbed by mike/howardfinkel483 and Rosa
-fill before at end of line+fill before A7 at end of line
 e-------------- e--------------
 B-------------- B--------------
 D--0h2--------- D--0h2---------
 E-------------- E--------------
-C (run1) (melody 1)+C (run1)
 e-------------------- e--------------------
 B-------------------- B--------------------
Line 20: Line 19:
 E--------3----------- E--------3-----------
-(sounds funny if you finish it) +C (run2) 
-C (run2) (melody 2+e------------------- 
-e----------------------- +B------------------- 
-B----------------------- +G------------------- 
-G----------------------- +D---------------(0)
-A--3-2-0----0-2----4-4-- +E--------3----------
-A                     C#m     +A7                    C#m     
 sun just clearing the treeline  sun just clearing the treeline 
-Bm             A(fill)+Bm             A7(fill)
 when my day begins. when my day begins.
-A                     C#m+A7                    C#m
 slippery ice on the bridges, slippery ice on the bridges,
-Bm                         A(fill)+Bm                         A7(fill)
 northeastern wind coming in. northeastern wind coming in.
-A                   C#m 
 you will bruise my head, you will bruise my head,
-Bm                  A(fill) 
 I will strike your heel. I will strike your heel.
-A                    C#m 
 drive past woods of northern pine, drive past woods of northern pine,
-Bm                         A(fill) 
 try not to let go of the wheel. try not to let go of the wheel.
- +         C
-            C+
 dream at night dream at night
-C (run1                  A+C (run1)             A7
 girl with a cobra tattoo  girl with a cobra tattoo 
-         C+       C
 on her arm, on her arm,
-C (run2)                              A+C (run2)                         A7
 it's head flaring out like a parachute. it's head flaring out like a parachute.
 +A7 C#m B#m A7(fill) x2
 prisms in the dew drops prisms in the dew drops
Line 63: Line 56:
 skatecase sailor's purses floating skatecase sailor's purses floating
 down in the black needlerush down in the black needlerush
 higher than the stars higher than the stars
Line 69: Line 61:
 God does not need Abraham, God does not need Abraham,
 God can raise children from stones. God can raise children from stones.
 dream at night dream at night
 girl with a cobra tattoo girl with a cobra tattoo
 and try to hear and try to hear
 +C                              A7
 the garbled transmissions come through. the garbled transmissions come through.
 +Dsus2 (x00230) F#m A7 x2, Dsus2 (x00230) F#m A7(fill) x2, 
 +then play the fill one more time ending on the 2nd fret of the B string
 </code> </code>
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