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<code> Coco-Yam Song

Intro/Outro Riff e———–| B———2-| G-4-2-1-0-2-| D-0-0-0-0-2-| A———0-| E———–|

A D A a neighboring clan went on the attack

                           D                        A

and stole all the giant coco-yams from the barn out back

               E                      A    D  A  E  A

i will make them pay for taking my yams away


i carved out little figurines of thieves


burned a palmful of red dust from the medicine bag


broke a kola nut in half, i hate half of it myself


sat back and watched the evening drag

               E                        A                     D  A  E

i will make them regret that they haven't brought my yams back yet

-tabbed by Nick Covolo

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