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-Can someone please tab "​Crane"​ it's a track off Hail and Farewell Gothenburg+<​code>​ 
 +Pretty easy song here.  Capo on 1 to play along with the album.
-thanks!+I don't have the intro down perfectly so feel free to correct it.  It sounds pretty close. 
 +Picked up a fat, gold watch for you 
 +              E 
 +Down where the river washes over the avenue. 
 +      B 
 +And i listened to it tick away the minutes. 
 +A                             E 
 +Looked out at the awful sky. 
 +I was afraid that my arm was broken, 
 +           E 
 +But it was only kinda run down. 
 +I went walking after two last night, 
 +         E 
 +Felt like i was the only guy in town. 
 +And i'm not I know. 
 +            A 
 +And i don't need you to tell me so. 
 +            E 
 +Look at this watch. 
 +        B 
 +Look at this watch. 
 +          A                           E 
 +You won't believe what this thing can do. 
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