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 +tabbed by renanjerk on ultimate guitar
 +Dm7 F A7
 +Dm7 F A7
 +[Verse 1]
 + Dm7                  F                A7
 +Steal away at sundown, pick a place to hide
 +Dm7                                     A7
 +Check for signs of ambush, hunker down inside
 +A#                        Dm7
 + Tired of running, tired of never standing still
 +A# C             Dm
 +      Hear them riding up the hill
 +Dm7                 A7                      Gm
 +Men whose ribs are showing through their skin, bringing up the rear
 +Dm7                           A#           Dm
 + It’s high noon somewhere, it’s dark in here
 +[Verse 2]
 + Dm7                F                    A7
 +Stack my ammunition, be ready when you come
 +Dm7                                       A7
 +You who thirst for action, I will give you some
 +A#                     C Dm7
 +When the smoke dies down, you can rest assured
 +A# C          Dm
 +      We will know who kept his word
 +Dm7               A7
 +You who stood so proud once
 +I can taste your fear
 +Dm7              F
 + You blazed like torches
 +    A#           Dm
 +It’s dark in here
 +               Gm       D#                Dm
 +It’s dark as a coal mine filling up with gas
 +Gm D#           Dm             A
 +       I stand ready for the blast
 +[Verse 3]
 +Dm7                                A7
 + Will you be ready when your moment comes?
 +Dm7                                                  A7
 +Will your hand be steady when you reach down for your guns?
 +        A#                     Dm7
 +Did you leave your house in order when you came for me?
 +A#        C               Dm
 + Is this really where you meant to be?
 +Dm7               A7
 +Just beyond your limits
 +Find the new frontier
 +Dm7           F
 +I live in the darkness
 +     A#          Dm
 +It’s dark in here
 +Dm Dm7 Dm F A# Dm (4x)
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