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Deianara Crush

tabbed by matador breckle. Corrected by Jon A.

G   E   G   E   G   D   C   G
G   	         E
one day in september
G        E
you come here.
G            D                C             G
you pull my head down and you whisper in my ear.
G                  B               G                       C          
and you tell me the sidewalk is as far as the world really goes
G            D      C	         G     G   E   G   E   G   D   C   G
but that's a secret everybody knows.

G           E
you hold my head in your hands.
G          E
you say my name.
G                                     D
how is it that though you say it some 20 thousand times
C                    G
it's never quite the same
G                        B          G                     C                                     
and you tell me that hercules died burning consumed by an article of his own clothing  
G      D                    C                 G   G E G   E   G   D   C   G
that's something i'd rather not be reminded of.
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