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-*note: all E's should be Em 
-*iv changed all the A's in the main riff to D's because thats how john plays it. i seen him do this live. 
-*E E C D x3 
- E 
-E E C D 
-the reception'​s gotten fuzzy 
-E E C D 
-the delicate balance has shifted 
-C B 
-put on your gloves and your black pumps 
-C B 
-let's pretend the fog is lifted 
-E E C D 
-now you see me 
-E E C D 
-now you don't 
-C B 
-now you say you love me 
-C B 
-pretty soon you won't 
-E C 
-if we get our full three score and ten 
-A B 
-we won't pass this way again 
-so kiss me with your mouth open 
-E A 
-C B 
-turn the tires toward the street 
-and stay sweet 
-all the chickens come on home to roost 
-plump bodies blotting out the sky 
-you know it breaks my heart in half in half 
-when i see them try to fly 
-cause you just can't do 
-things your body wasn't meant to 
-hike up your fishnets 
-i know you 
-if we live to see the other side of this 
-i will remember your kiss 
-so do it with your mouth open 
-and take your foot of the break 
-for Christ'​s sake!  
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-this song is actually in Em and it sounds like the version he plays live on guitar if you play barre chords as follows:+this song sounds like the version he plays live on guitar if you play barre chords as follows:
 Em = x79987 Em = x79987
Line 77: Line 22:
 let's pretend the fog is lifted let's pretend the fog is lifted
-Em Em C D 
 now you see me now you see me
-Em Em C D 
 now you don't now you don't
-C Em 
 now you say you love me now you say you love me
-C B1 
 pretty soon you won't pretty soon you won't
Line 101: Line 42:
 you know it breaks my heart in half in half you know it breaks my heart in half in half
 when i see them try to fly when i see them try to fly
 cause you just can't do cause you just can't do
 things your body wasn't meant to things your body wasn't meant to
Line 113: Line 55:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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