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From saraheb591 on Ultimate-Guitar (edited by kearney)

F Bb F Bb F

Recite the songs that kept me whole
On the day I hand over command control
C                Bb              F
Try to let them all flow into this one

List alphabetically
The toxins the doctors found in me
Bb   C                G
   During my time in prison

G#                 F#          F
 Count my fingers, every last one
F-F#-F (quick slide)
 When I get done

Clean the floors well, sweep and swab
Do a thorough job
C                   Bb             F
Leave the old place nicer than I found it

Wish well as the neighbors cheer and shout
Finally taking their earplugs out
Bb                C                      G
Things were even worse here than they sounded

G#              F#                 F
 Grim-faced pilots, back from the bombing run
When I get done

Dm                     Gm
 Take a picture or two
Am                     Dm
 Just to remember the view
F#m                     C#m
 Leave a mark on the door
D                               A                   G
 As an empty warning sign from one who's gone before
             F       Eb
But isn't here anymore

Let the crust form on my skin in the sun
When I get done

Sweep the front porch, make it new
Put the broom away when I get through
   C                Bb               F
No passersby need know of my lonely tenure

All this riot of light, the shock of leaves
Wind rippling in my sleeves
Bb                  C            G                                      
Swirling against my skin as in a blender

G#                       F#           F
Red thread drying behind me, hand-spun
When I get done

F# F F# F
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