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Duke Ellington

tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (, corrected and transposed by Rosa

E Asus2 E B x2

E                 Asus2
the light hit the rings
E                 B
glimmering on his fingers
E              Asus2     E      B
the light came down
E                     D
and his hands hit the keys
   Asus2          B     E      E
it utterly wasted me in sweden

E                     Asus2
the horns punched the air
    Asus2                 B           E Asus2 E B
the aftermath fell around everywhere
          E                     D
i saw the spotlight land on his rings
            Asus2             B
and i'd had just about enough losing things
   Asus2 B   E              Asus2
in sweden in nineteen sixty-two
           E                  B  E
quite some distance from you

repeat 2nd verse chords
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