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I found this tab on, if there's any problem with doing that or if the originater of the tab wishes it to be down, by all means remove it.

Coming Home
The Mountain Goats
John Darnell
J. Magnani (tab composer)

Chords used

E     A     Bm    ?1    ?2
-x    -x    -2    -4    -4
-x    -2    -4    -4    -4
-1    -2    -4    -4    -6
-2    -2    -4    -6    -6 
-2    -x    -2    -6    -4
-x    -x    -2    -4    -x

E                                     A                  Bm
Streak the windows, smear the walls w/ coconut oil yeah
E                                         A               Bm
Fill the cast iron kettle, w/ water and magnolia blossom,
?1                                A                Bm
let it boil, let the water roll, let the fire takes it toll
E                   A  Bm
I'm coming home. Home

E                                             A     Bm
Dust off the items, give them something to eat,
        E                             A              Bm
I think they're hungry, I know I'm starving half to death.
?1                                     A                      Bm
I know your waiting, I know you've been waiting a long long time,
          E            A    Bm
but I'm coming home. Home

    ?2                      Bm    
        Set the table, plus three extra places, 
    E                                      A  Bm 
one me, one for your doubts, and one for God.
E                                 A   Bm
Let the inscence burn in every room.
E                        A                 Bm
Feel the fulness of time in the empty tomb.
E                 A              Bm              E
Feel the future kicking in your womb, I'm coming Home.
  A    Bm    E      
Home, Home, Home.

Thanx John for the super tunes!

J. Magnani
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