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 <​code>​ <​code>​
---mike woj, corrected by Rosa+tabbed by mike woj and Rosa
-play the chords as power chords mostly, except for this one,  +A:      x022xx or x0222x 
-and even then you really only need to play the Aand G strings+D:      ​xx023x or xx0232 
- +F#m:    244xxx or 244222 
-E7sus4: 020200+E7sus4: ​x202xx or 020200 
 +Bm:     ​x244xx or x24432 
 +Dsus2   ​x-x-0-9-10-x
 A A
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 and in the ever present light and in the ever present light
 and in my ever growing needs and in my ever growing needs
-if a man should crest the ridge,+if a man should crest the ridge 
 +F#m                            D     ​Dsus2 ​  A
 he's going to have to watch me feed. he's going to have to watch me feed.
 but no one's ever gonna come but no one's ever gonna come
 and nobody'​s gonna know and nobody'​s gonna know
-I will sail home again concealed among the upright walking men+I will sail home again  
 +concealed among the upright walking men 
 to know that sleeping bodies hide sweet things inside. to know that sleeping bodies hide sweet things inside.
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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