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tabbed by mike woj and Rosa

A:      x022xx or x0222x
D:      xx023x
F#m:    244xxx or 244222
E7sus4: x202xx or 020200
Bm:     x244xx or x24432
Dsus2   x-x-0-9-10-x


A                        D
I am hungry, but I'm not cold.
D                                   F#m
I'm starving, but the suit keeps me warm
A                                 E7sus4
and the light hits me full in the face
       F#m             D              A
as I assume my new and dreadful form

A                 D
kick an incubator open
D                    F#m
and like a flower in bloom
sustenance, blessed sustenance
Bm              D
oozing from the tomb

D                           A    F#m            D      A
I know that sleeping bodies hide sweet things inside

and in the ever present light
and in my ever growing needs
if a man should crest the ridge
F#m                            D     Dsus2   A
he's going to have to watch me feed.

but no one's ever gonna come
and nobody's gonna know
I will sail home again 
concealed among the upright walking men

to know that sleeping bodies hide sweet things inside.
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