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Etiquette Song

Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (

D Asus4 Riff


INTRO (x4)

D            Asus4
rain washing your memory away.
D             Asus4
fires burning somewhere around here.
D               Asus4
clouds forming, clouds gathering.
D               Asus4
one minute in a long, long year.
D                  A            G                         D
you've got one good reason for doing what you're going to do.
D                  A                    G                       D
i've got one thing holding me back from doing the same thing to you.

INTRO (x2)

in the san gabriels the fire ate away
rabbit rush and the jimson weed.
when the rain came it was like an old friend.
when you came by you had just what i needed.

you've got one hour left before something happens alright?
and the then rain will come down tonight.
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