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 +===== Evening In Stalingrad ======
 +Tabbed by Alex Glasnovic (
 +Works best with a capo on the first fret.
 +INTRO: Dsus2-D-D*(fiddle with the E a bit) G A (x4)
 +Dsus2-D ​                       G                    A    Dsus2-D
 +        when you were nineteen i first laid eyes on you
 +D                                G
 +the small stream that ran through the center of town
 +A                          Dsus2-D
 +carried your name to me
 +D                          G                   ​A ​      ​Dsus2-D
 +your hair was dark and your eyes were a frosty blue
 +D                       ​G ​                        A
 +and then they put me in jail 'til you were twenty-three
 +when you were twenty-four we took to drinking and dancing
 +we boxed with our shadows like a couple of kangaroos
 +and then we went down to chechnya for the weekend
 +your eyes were glacial and your promises all rang true
 +G                                     A
 +and things are happening here while we sleep
 +D                           G
 +i can feel it in my boiling brain
 +G                              A
 +and i am dreaming in blood-red color
 +D                                              G
 +when i see the stolypin car riding through the light rain
 +they'​ll have to carry me out on my back
 +they'​ll have to tear me to pieces all right
 +D                         A
 +we are warm in our hidden room down here
 +G                           ​D ​          INTRO
 +we've got stars in our eyes tonight
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