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Faithless Bacchant Song
by The Mountain Goats
tabbed by Jonathan Bliss
      and Andy Moskowitz
      and Matt Mollison

In C#.  Capo at first fret and play in C.

Walk1 (relative to capo):
F                      C

Walk2 (relative to capo):
F                        C

Intro:  C G F Walk1

F                               Walk1
 somewhere in the damn forest...
C              G                  F
 where the fat pines look like my brother's arms,
thick and ripe
              C7                        F
i'm trying to get out for days and these green vines
keep getting in my way

                         C G F Walk1
i came up to a clearing.
C                         G         F     Walk1
 where the cross currents cooled my face.
C                                   C7
i would've sat down there in the middle,
i would've rested just a little,
                                C G F
but for the fire-bellied toads.

see the ground was wet and they were everywhere.
C                             G F
fire-bellied toad number five
from what may or may not have been a limited series
       C                   G F
opened up his little mouth
as though to speak,
            C    C7
and then he spoke
and then he spoke to me, and he said,

C                          G
"you can't holler down our rain barrel.
C                         F
you can't climb our apple tree.
C                       G
i don't want to play in your yard.
C                       F
if you won't be good to me."
                         C    G F Walk1
honey it was downright creepy.
C G F Walk1

C C7 F Walk2

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