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Family Happiness

Heavy strumming on top, pursue with power great gusto and passion! 

E        022100
G6       320000
Em11/F#  200000
C        x32010
Cadd9/B  x20010
Cadd9/A  x00010
D        x00232
A#       x1333x
A        x02220

Here is the E riff. It's marked in the tab as "E*"

E G6 Em11/F# (open) E
G6 Em11/F# (open) E

E                   G6   Em11/F#  E
as we cruised across the Canadian border
                                            G6    Em11/F#  E
you reached into your handbag, pulled out a micro-cassette recorder,

started quoting Tolstoy into the machine,
     G6   Em11/F#      E
i had no idea what you meant.

i guess i'm supposed to figure these things out, 
   G6           Em11/F#      E
or maybe it's supposed to be self-evident.
              C    Cadd9/B
but i've gone feral,
    Cadd9/A           G6  Em11/F#-E*
and i don't speak the language anymore.
C            Cadd9/B       Cadd9/A  G6  Em11/F#   E
we're headed deep into the forest, 

i've got the pedal to the floor.
                           D                   E             D
the engine shudders, like a dying man, when you reach out to grab my hand,
A#                         A
you can bring out all your weapons,
you can't make me go to war.

E* E* 
G6 Em11/F# (open) E
G6 Em11/F# (open) E

E                              G6       Em11/F#       E*
long winding Canadian highways, innumerable evergreens.
weather forecast on the AM radio
           G6           Em11/F#     E
says we'll be expecting highs in the low teens
when i mouth my silent curses at you, 
Em11/F#     E
i can see my breath.
i hope the stars don't even come out tonight.
      Em11/F#        E
i hope we both freeze to death.
C           Cadd9/B     Cadd9/A      G6                  Em11/F#  E*
look at the person i've turned into, tell me, how do you like him now?
C            Cadd9/B        Cadd9/A   G6    Em11/F#-E*
no standards of any kind to break, no creeds to disavow
E                         D
i am right here where you want me
E                      D
do what you brought me out here for.
        A#            A
you can arm me to the teeth.
(muted strumming)       E
you can't make me go to war.

E* E* 
G6 Em11/F# (open) E
E* E*
G6 Em11/F# (open) E
E* E*
G6 Em11/F# (open) E

End with string breaking power!
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