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 +D* = actually performed as four chord hits in one bar: D Em D C.
 +But this is beyond my ability to play cleanly, so I pretend it's just a bar of D and it seems to work out ok.
 +                C     Cadd9  C  Cadd9
 +Mail order body armor
 +     G
 +Map to the Blue Bucket Mine
 + C  Cadd9  C  Cadd9
 +Guy who had a place down by the lakeside
 +        G
 +Changing water to wine
 +       D C
 +Devastating schematics, rough drafts of the twenty-third psalm
 +                     G
 +Paul Kersey never left his apartment
 +     D         C  D*  G 
 +John Rambo never went to Vietnam
 +Armor-piercing black talons
 +From the first production run
 +Nobody's seen them in the wild
 +Since 1991
 +Out in the cul-de-sacs at midnight, where the candy for the cannons comes from
 +I heard Buford Pusser was dirty
 +John Rambo never went to Vietnam
 +Am  C  G
 +Am  C  G
 +Shall we rise to the occasion
 +Or go to sleep for good in the trenches?
 +Dug in beneath a brilliant blue sky
 +Helmets hanging high in the branches
 +Empty vessels by the dozen, diamonds in the sun
 +   G
 +We worship nothing in the foxholes
 +                             D
 +John Rambo never went to Vietnam
 +C      D*                      G         
 +  John Rambo never went to Vietnam!
 +Am  C  G
 +Am  C  G
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