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Going to Bangor - The Mountain Goats <code> Riff: D|--------------0----- A|--------0-h2-------- E|--3--3-------------- Intro: D Riff (x4) D G D G The ocean wind cold on our lips D G D G Wild fern growing, sinking ships E G D All the signs are easy to read D Riff (x2) D G D G In the morning you come my way D G D Your skin is pink, the sky is gray E C D Riff D Riff There's fresh cranberries in your mouth E G D Riff D Riff With thick red water dripping out E G D You expect me to believe everything you say A Well, okay D Riff (x7) D </code> -Tabbed by Benjamin Havey <code> Riff sounds more like this: D|------------------- A|--------------3---- E|--3--3--3-3h5------------ </code> -ripper_gore

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