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====== Going to Bogota ====== <code>-tabbed by These are the notes that play throughout the verse, with no thought given to their rhythm. If the single notes sound a bit bare to you, fill in the rest of a G chord while emphasizing the lower notes. G Riff: E B G D A 2 — 2 — 3 - 3 — 2 - 2 - 2 E 3 - 3 - 3 - _______________________________________________________________________ G Riff D I know what I want and I know what we need G Riff D When the first fruits of the harvest begin to blacken and bleed G Riff D And the purple fruit gives way when you press it even so slightly G Riff D And through the thatches behind the green leaves we heard the fire-eyed macaw sing as evil as you please A D And his little song G D A is a very pretty song D But it's something I won't stand for A G D And as the sun rises over Columbia A D I know we're done for G Riff When the holes started forming in the tent D And you wondered out loud where the sunlight went G Riff I had a mind to tell you D But I didn't want to hurt you A D And if I knew G D A how to form the words D I would ask you what you'd come for But as the sun rises over Columbia I know we're done for Yeah, as the sun rises over Columbia I know we're done for As the sun rises over Columbia I know we're done for</code> [[|write my essay]]

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