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Going to Bolivia

tabbed by matador breckle.

G F# F E D (4x)
D              G     	          
i cut myself a two-foot switch from some 
A                     D
tropical hardwood nearby.
and the sounds of a carnival drifted miraculously
                      A               D
trough the air from a thousand miles away.
the monkeys jumped from tree to tree.
D                 G
it sent a deathly chill trough me
   G      A       D
in bo-----li------via

    D              G                  A            D  
and wildcats i had never seen claimed places in my room.
                        G                           A           D
and animals noises rang trough the thick brush like voices from the tomb.
i saw the freshly polished chrome
D               G
gleaming in the mid-day sun.
     D                   G
and i knew that you were coming home
   G      A       D
to bo-----li------via
D              G F# F E D (4x)
hey hey hey
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