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 +===== Going To Kirby Sixton =====
 +I found this tab on,​ if there'​s any problem with doing that or if the originater of the tab wishes it to be down, by all means remove it.
 +The Mountain Goats - Going to Kirby Sixton
 +G Bb D
 +We boarded up the windows
 +Bb     D
 +We sealed the door shut
 +We let the special chickens
 +Bb   D
 +Build a nest right by the window
 +The place was glowing, the heat was strong
 +We ate cold black eggs, all day long
 +      G
 +In the window
 +          D7       G
 +Where the wind kicked up
 +I saw your body moving
 +Bb D
 +Through the incandesant light
 +You were dancing by yourself there
 +Your sweater hugged your shoulders
 +And it was alright
 +    G
 +We plucked sugar crystals from the cold english air
 + C
 +I had a present for you, hidden somewhere ​
 +       G
 +In the window
 +   D7       G
 +Where the wind kicked up
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