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 +===== Going to Malibu =====
 +tabbed by kevin ricker.
 +In this one, one's pinky should never leave the high E string,
 +3rd fret (always playing a high G)
 +going to malibu
 +when we meet on neutral ground,
 +i can't belive how good you look.
 +and the thoughts that race around my mind,
 +fill a long unreadable book and
 +i can feel the waves,
 +i can sense the continents eroding,
 +you say you know why i called you here,
 +but you couldn'​t have any way of knowing, so
 +that's not true.
 +that's a mean thing to say.
 +that's a damnable lie.
 +that's a damnable lie.
 +looking at you, and i don't know
 +what it is i see
 +and i know you're changing, almost indetectably.
 +and i see a ship off the shore
 +and i imagine it sinking.
 +and you smile and you say that you know
 +what it is that i'm thinking.
 +that's not true.
 +that's a rotten thing to say.
 +that's a damnable lie.
 +that's a damnable lie.
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