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 +standard tuning. capo on 6. everything is relative to the capo.
 +Em :022000
 +B5 :-244--
 +D5 :-577--
 +(As you can see, this is done by hammering on an Em.)
 +Riff B5
 +at one thirty on a thursday night
 +        B5
 +I saw a pair of raccoons heading to the gutter
 + Riff
 +they stopped at the storm drain
 +their tails hung down and out of sight
 +they looked up at me
 + B5
 +their eyes were shining
 +I thought of you
 + D5 C5*
 +and I can't stand the way the moon expands and fills out
 +the corners of your california sky
 + Em
 +I can't stand it
 +Riff B5
 +the old buildings stood tall against the sky
 +     B5
 +the windows had old sheets hanging over them doubling as curtains
 +and the silhouettes moving in the bright lights behind the curtains
 +looked like you
 +I stopped moving momentarily
 +        D5
 +the world will
 +      C5*
 +stand still on nights like these
 +without any kind of warning
 +       Em
 +and I can't stand it.
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