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 +===== Going to Reykjavik =====
 +Capo at 4th fret, all chords are relative to capo
 +Esus2: 022102
 +B:     ​x24442
 +F#:    244322
 +Intro: Esus2 B (a few times)
 +Esus2                                        B
 +I been drinking that coffee you sent me from Thailand
 +Esus2                       B
 +I've been watching the lamps burn
 +Esus2                          B
 +I've been listening to the wind chime
 +Esus2                B
 +I've been waiting my turn
 +                     Esus2
 +And I'm coming to you
 +                  B
 +I am coming to you
 +               ​F# ​ Esus2  B
 +I am coming to you
 +Esus2                                       B
 +And I heated the milk until it boiled and I drank it down
 +And I stepped outside ​
 +      B
 +And I checked my reflection in the rain
 +And there were voices on the wind
 +Winter coming on in
 +Esus2                       B
 +And I made myself up again, brand new
 +         F#
 +And I am broken and I am tired
 +Esus2                         ​B ​    ​F# ​     Esus2  B
 +And I'm coming to you with my mouth dripping
 +Outro: Esus2 B (a few times)
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