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"Gojam Province 1968"
The Mountain Goats
Satanic Messiah

Transcribed and arranged for guitar by Jon A.

Chords (in order of appearance):
G/B: x20003
F/C: x33211
C/G: 332010
F: 133211
G: 320033
C: x32010
Dm: xx0210
Am: x02210
F6: 13323x (fingering, low to high: thumb, middle, ring, index, pinky)*
Fmaj7: 133210 (thumb on 6th string)*
Am7: x02213
G6: 320030
Fmaj7(13): 133230 (same fingering as F6 above)*
Fmaj7/C: x33210
G/D: xx0003
F(add9)/C: x33x13 (fingering: middle, ring, index, pinky; mute G string with ring finger)

*You can omit the thumb on the 6th string if it's too hard to grab. Here are some alternate fingerings for those chords:
F6: 1x323x (index, ring, middle, pinky)
Fmaj7: xx3210
Fmaj7(13): xx3230

Intro: G/B  F/C  C/G
       F    G    C

G/B           F/C                      C/G
  Running like a band of angry schoolboys
F            G                         C
  Up and down the well lit streets today
Dm          G                         Am       F6
  Bashing in the heads of tax collectors
C             G                     Fmaj7
  And anybody else who's in our way

C  G  F
C  G  F

G/B             F/C                        C
  Bathing in the sunlight that's our birthright
F             G                      C/G
  Waiting for someone to set the scene
       Dm              G                 Am                 F6
  Last time he came to town, a few stray coins came raining down
     C                G                  F               G
  We scrambled in the dirt for them like ants around the queen

          Am7                   G6
  We take aim at the dawning day
  And we shoot
                    C                  G/D
  Starving to death, starving to death
                            C     G/D  Fmaj7/C
  For the low hanging fruit

C  G/D  F(add9)/C
C  G/D  F/C
C  G/D  F/C

  Then all at once here comes the motorcade
  Slow and steady down the beaten track
  As we're bashing out the windows of the limo
  We notice there's nobody in the back

  And a helicopter lands atop the palace
  The Royal Guard assembles at the gate
  The country's gonna burn and we'll still have to wait our turn
  Last among contenders of the super featherweights

  We take aim at the dawning day
  And we shoot
  Starving to death, starving to death
  For the low hanging fruit
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