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 +Gravedigger,​ by willneu97
 +This is the live version that they played during the 2010 tour.
 +D:     ​xx0232
 +Dsus2: xx0230
 +Bb:    113331
 +G:     ​320033
 +A:     ​002220
 +Dsus2-D (x3) (listen to the song to see how this is strummed)
 +The pumpkins grew in neat rows 
 +                                          G  Bb
 +We waltzed toward the center of the field 
 +Steady as she goes 
 +    Dsus2-D
 +And blue heavens built wishing wells, brightening the patch
 +                                                      G  Bb
 +Fattening the pumpkins in their perfect orange shells ​
 +          D                          A
 +We turned right by the smooth orange big one 
 +            Dsus2-D
 +The wrong way
 +We tapped the pumpkins with our thumbs ​
 +And you know how you wait a year or so for something, nothing comes 
 +It was like that 
 +Empty bottles washed clean by rain 
 +Nothing to lose here 
 +No reason to complain ​
 +We turned right by the smooth orange fat one 
 +The wrong way  ​
 +Tell me a secret ​
 +What does it matter ​
 +Override the red clouds ​
 +Hanging on the otherwise clear sky 
 +And then little raindrops like tiny knives ​
 +And I turned to you and the field came alive 
 +We took a smooth turn around the fattest pumpkin they had 
 +The wrong way
 From http://​​xggd.html From http://​​xggd.html
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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